Tweet Me Out to the Ball Game: The White Sox Night Through Social Media

The Chicago White Sox got off to a nightmarish start in the first inning against the Minnesota Twins tonight, surrendering four runs in the first inning.  The Sox subsequently spent the rest of the night trying to recover from their early mistakes. Most glaring of all was a costly error by Jose Abreu which put Joe Mauer on base and sent Robbie Grossman across the plate.


After Abreu’s error, Eduardo Escobar’s three homer scored Joe Mauer and Jorge Polanco.

In the second, the Twins added two more runs… Tweets of frustration began to fly at almost the same rate as the Twins three homers in the first two innings.

In the 4th, the Sox showed signs of life while the Twins showed signs of weakness.

But… the Sox blew valuable chances with their base running blunders.

The Twins put another across the board in the top of the 5th on an Eduardo Escobar double that scored Miguel Sano. The Sox responded in a big way however with Melky Cabrera sending one deep to right.

The 3 run home run drew the Sox within just two runs after trailing by what seemed like a lot more than six. The Sox kept inching closer… literally, Todd Frazier almost gave them a lead on a 3 run blast but it fell just shy of the wall.

A Matt Davidson solo shot did make it over the wall however in the bottom of the 6th, pulling the White Sox within one after their horrendous start.

With the run support later, the White Sox were able to avoid what looked sure to be a catostrophic night with a strong performance from what has been a consistent bullpen duo.

On the night the bullpen threw for seven strikeouts with  just two walks while allowing just four hits.

Going into the bottom of the 9th, the Sox had a chance to win in dramatic fashion. But after clawing all the way back, the White Sox went three up and three down. The White Sox disappointing night could have just as easily been a solid victory against a division rival…

Most notable was Jose Abreu’s underwhelming performance. On the night, Abreu went 0-5 with two strikeouts. On the defensive side, Abreu’s early error could have been the difference between the White Sox finding a way to win tonight or pushing the game into extra innings. However, players and managers came to Abreu’s defense.

“I like his defense,” said White Sox manager, Rick Renteria in defense of his star first baseman, ” I think there are times when like today on the potential double-play ball that ended up dropping out of his glove…he’s a good defender but at that particular moment, the ball wound up getting away from him.”

Score aside, the White Sox showed fight tonight, battling back against the Twins despite a horrendous start. Keeping the score in mind however, or the last several scores rather, it is clear that resilience will be key sooner than later for the suddenly slumping Sox.

“I am very, very proud,” Renteria said, “in spite of the loss, ‘m very proud of the way they continued to play and battle and I think that will serve us well as we continue to move forward because there is still a lot of baseball left.”

Third baseman, Matt Davidson was one of the standouts in tonight’s game with his solo shot home run. After the game Davidson spoke about the team’s response to the first inning.

“That first inning was tough,” said Davidson, “Thought we saved the game and just chipped away. We were in it to the end. That’s what you want to ask for from our team every night. We obviously want to come out on top, but we want to give the team a fight every night and know that we’re not backing down.”

The White Sox next chance to snap their losing streak will be tomorrow night back at Guarunteed Rate Field against the San Diego Padres. With a record of 13-23 overall and a road record of 6-14, the Padres could be a great slump busting match up for a White Sox team that essentially outplayed the Twins though eight innings.

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