Amateur Levels Feeling The Impact of NBA’s 3-point Revolution

Strategy and style have been in the midst of a revolution over the past six seasons as each year, the NBA has broken its record for 3-pointers attempted per game.  As the NBA has taken the 3-point shot to the next level, the impact of basketball’s latest revolution is being felt at lower levels.

Dan D’Antoni is the brother of Mike D’Antoni, the head coach of the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are on pace to take more 3-pointers per game than any other team in league history. In this season, in which the shot is more prolific than ever, Houston has managed to take seven more 3-pointers than the next closest team at nearly 41 attempts per contest. Dan is taking a similar approach at Marshall University where the Thundering heard took the fourth most 3-point attempts in the NCAA this season.  The D’Antoni brothers commitment to the 3-point shot is no mistake. With an increase in efficency from deep, the value of a 3-point attempt is now higher than the value of the 2-point shot.

I sat down with Phil Ralston, head coach of the Geneva Vikings. The Vikings got off to their best start in program history, benefiting from having one of the best shooting teams in the state.  Take a listen to hear Marshall coach, Dan D’Antoni breakdown his approsch by the numbers and my interview with coach Ralston on the changing game and its impact on high school basketball.


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