The Bluejays Soar to the Big East Tournament Semis

The Creighton Bluejays took on the Bulldogs of Butler at the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at noon Sunday.

snapchat-1056389513.jpgThe two seed, Creighton Bluejays came into the game boasting a 16-2 conference record and a plethora of Big East individual awards. In the low post, senior; Brianna Rollerson held down the middle held down the season all year with 10.6 points per game, seven rebounds, and 1.6 blocks, and a co-Big East Most Improved Player Award. On the wing, freshman, Jaylyn Agnew came off the bench in all 18 conference games, averaging eight points, 3.7 boards, and 1.1 steals to earn the Big East Freshman of the year honors.

On the other side of the floor were the under-dog, Butler Bulldogs, the 10 seed that just snapped a seven game losing streak in their defeat of the seven seeded Xavier Musketeers, led by their star, Taylor Schickel, a versatile big with the ability to handle the ball, pass out of the post, and go for the occasional 20 rebound game.

On the sidelines, I experimented with a new way to cover the match-up taking to my cell phone to Snap-chat and tweet the game starting when I arrived at the Al McGuire Center…


Awaiting tip off, I grabbed some quality snap-chats…

As the game began, I took to Twitter, following the key plays and trends of the match-up. Both teams took a while to wake up for the matinee game.

Especially the Bluejays…

Until Rollerson finally got one to roll in

The Bulldogs hot start had me thinking upset…

Creighton’s Aubrey Faber put the scoring load on her back and carried the Bluejays offense early.

After a hot start, it seemed that the closer the Bluejays got, the more the Bulldogs shot themselves in the foot and as the turnovers piled up, Butler began to lose control of not only the ball but the game as well.

With about 60 seconds to go in the first half, the Bluejays’s Lauren Works cut the lead to just two points.

The most amazing part of the game came at halftime though!

The next time the freak athlete mascot walked by my spot on the sidelines, I grabbed a selfie!

The Bluejays continued to build pickup where they left off as Lauren Works knotted the game up.

Minutes late, the Most Improved Player of the year gave Creighton their first lead of the afternoon from the free-throw line and stingy defense on Schickel put the Butler offense in shackles, by that I mean locked up.

Revitalized in the second half, Creighton kept the pressure on, hustling their way into a run that was sparked from a Marissa Janning save sequence that broke the back of the Bulldogs.

And the beat went on…

By midway through the fourth, the Creighton bench had plenty to dance about as the began to march to victory.

Meanwhile, Butler struggled to find any rhythm down the stretch.

Faber, Agnew, and Rollerson led the way in a team effort. Faber scored 17 points on 6 0f 12 shooting, Agnew added 16, and Rollerson controlled the paint with seven points and nine rebounds. The Bluejays would go on to win the game 65-55, advancing to play the winner of the Marquette, Georgetown game, played later that afternoon in the semi-finals on Monday.

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